IT Support (MSP)

Spent your focus on growing your business and leave your information systems (IT) support to Pscom.

IT costs

As IT infrastructures becomes more complex, management becomes harder and costlier. The cost of maintaining an IT department, including software updates and hardware upgrades, is significant. Leave your information systems (IT) support to Pscom and focus on growing your business.

Leave it to us

  • Networking: Switching and Routing for your business. Expand your network with the help of Pscom.
  • Security: Firewall and antivirus for your end point devices. Programming, configuration and management.
  • Vpn: Interconnection of remote points. Teleworking and sharing of system resources.
  • Backup: Local or Cloud Backups to secure your data.
  • RMM: Παρακολούθηση των συστημάτων σας για να προλαμβάνετε τα πρόβήματα αντί να τα αντιμετωπίζετε.
  • Microsoft 365: Creating users, managing licenses and rights for staff.
  • Network Mapping and Documentation: Analysis and mapping of your network and all the systems of your company to have a "correct image".

Outsourced MSP

Depending on your goals and budget, we can become a member of your internal IT team. The Pscom team provides a collective know-how of many experts. Our managed IT clients receive a complete, easily scalable product that works effectively at all levels.