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Say goodbye to old technology, switch to VoIP Lines with GoSiP and save money.

Trust us with your communication.

Change the number of your voip lines (voice channels) at any time, reduce your fixed costs and charges.

The settings are made in a few minutes, regardless of the type of PBX you have.

Use the GoSiP app for Android or IOS devices and enjoy the benefits everywhere.

Πλεονεκτήματα VoIP Γραμμών

  • Lower monthly fee Monthly costs for voice channels are significantly reduced with VoIP Lines and numbers (DIDs) cost much less.
  • Lower call charges There are many VoIP Line providers and the competition has significantly reduced the cost of calling.
  • Better customer service Provide better customer service by adding more geographic and international numbers. You can quickly and easily add numbers to your VoIP Lines and terminate them on your IP PBX - you can give customers more options to call at significantly lower costs, even over long distances. Customers can contact you more easily and sales will increase.
  • Keep the same number VoIP Lines are not bound by a location, so it is easy to move your offices without having to change provider, or do any other process, or even inform your customers. You no longer have to pay to forward phone calls to your new offices.
  • Eliminate VoIP Gateways VoIP Lines will eliminate the need to purchase and manage VoIP Gateways. All phone calls come via IP with better quality.
  • Use a modern IP PBX Modern IP PBX / Unified Communications solutions will offer customers increased productivity and mobility experience, as well as increased sales. Connecting an IP PBX to VoIP Lines is much easier than using PSTNs. You can install the PBX on-premise or host it in the cloud, the choice is yours.
  • Flexibility It's so easy to add channels to the VoIP Lines you already have, to handle increased calls. A simple phone call will allow you to add channels and often this can be done immediately and easily. Compare this with the process and any delays in installing additional lines, which most likely mean the need to upgrade your old PBX to handle the lines you have added!
  • Correct the number of channels Using VoIP Lines, you can easily select the right number of channels you need and change the number you already have.