Increase your company's productivity with a cloud or an on premise PBX

Eliminate the cost of renting multiple telephone lines and increase your organization's productivity.

A VoIP PBX receives your companys incoming calls from the outside world and directs them to the various offices of your employees. Therefore, it eliminates the cost of leasing multiple telephone lines from one telephone company.

A VoIP PBX also connects calls from one employee to another within your office, so you do not need external call lines for internal calls, which saves even more on your monthly phone bill.

What does a VoIP PBX offers me:

  • MOBILITY (REMOTE WORKING)Mobility allows you to connected no matter where you are. Through your office internal number, you can make and receive calls, chat and much more wherever you are, through softphone applications.
  • WEB-BASED USER INTERFACE: Some UC platforms offer web-based interfaces that provide full control over calls from web browsers, allowing users to customize their phone, voicemail, or voice gateway settings at any time.
  • BUSY LAMP FIELD (BLF): Η ένδειξη που δείχνει την κατάσταση του εσωτερικού επιτρέπει σε άλλους να γνωρίζουν εάν ένας συγκεκριμένος χρήστης είναι διαθέσιμος για επικοινωνία. Αυτές οι ενδείξεις μπορεί να περιλαμβάνουν και όρους όπως, “Μην ενοχλείτε, Ενεργό, Εκτός Γραφείου,” και άλλες παρόμοιες ορολογίες που αποτελούν μια ένδειξη για το αν o χρήστης μπορεί να λάβει κλήσεις ή όχι και να γλυτώνετε χρόνο διαχείρισεις.
  • UNIFIED MESSAGING: With unified messaging, users can manage multiple types of messages from a single application and use different ways of communicating, depending on demand.
  • FAX SUPPORT: With a UC system, faxes are received from the system and then routed to the destination as an attachment to an email. This process is the same on both computers and mobile devices.
  • CONFERENCE: Conferencing allows a group of users to meet and talk over voice or video from different locations. This option is also available not only to your employees, but also to external organizations, partners or clients.
  • COLLABORATION: VoIP extends communication capabilities and offers employees more flexible work options. Employees can enjoy a greater level of collaboration, which benefits the entire organization.
  • VOICE MAIL (TO EMAIL): Users can receive notifications in many ways by enhancing communication throughout the office. With advanced notifications such as a message that lets the voicemail be sent via text message or email, along with a copy of the recording.
  • IVR (INTERACTIVE VOICE RESPONSE): The IVR or "Automated Attendant" is one of the most popular features of VoIP call centers today: "Thank you for calling us. If you know the internal number, you can enter it now, otherwise wait in your handset ". This is an IVR. This function of the telephone system saves you money by handling repetitive tasks that would otherwise consume human time and attention. Just think how much you could increase your office productivity by eliminating the need to answer and transfer calls.