Cisco WebEx Meetings

Teleconferencing applications boost productivity, save time, reduce travel costs and generally promote collaboration.

An integral part of the modern day

Significant developments in technology have drastically changed the way we do business. To develop and globalize modern businesses, it is necessary to build and maintain quality relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers. Video conferencing programs boost productivity, save time, reduce travel costs and generally promote collaboration.


  • Noise removal: Reduce distractions and interruptions with advanced noise cancellation and improved voice quality.
  • Gesture recognition: Use simple gestures to express your feelings without saying a word.
  • Automatic transcription: Enjoy productive conversations by letting WebEx take care of the meeting notes.
  • Customized Views: Decide who or what you want to focus on by customizing the scene view.
  • Calling: Make or receive business calls, on any device — minimizing the distance between you and your customers.
  • Messaging: Receive messages, share files, and use the whiteboard to increase meeting productivity.


  • HD Video and audio
  • Powerful meeting control tools
  • Easy screen sharing
  • Meeting logs and automatic note-taking
  • 1:1 and group chat
  • Calendar integrations
  • Built-in whiteboard

Teleconference benefits

  • Improves communication: Whether you are a small business owner or a member of a large company, clear communication is critical to understanding projects, setting expectations and meeting your goals, which makes video conferencing a profit.
  • Helps build relationships: When you meet face to face, you can build a personal connection, receive verbal and non-verbal cues, and begin to build trust. And while there may be crucial connections that will require you to travel, video conferencing can help bridge the gap for all other meetings while helping you connect on a personal level from your office.
  • Saves travel costs: Providing your team with a simple face-to-face meeting, video conferencing offers a collective, "personal" experience without the hassle of travel.
  • Saves time: Because you can meet almost anywhere, video conferencing allows you to save travel time. It can also help you save time in other ways. By creating a meeting instead of resolving an issue via email, it can eliminate a barrage of messages, reduce confusion, and lead your team to the same result faster.
  • Improves collaboration: Video conferencing technology offers more than just a simple way to see and hear your team. It offers collaboration tools, such as screen sharing and real-time document editing, to make it easy for everyone to view the files they need and contribute to the discussion.
  • Improves efficiency: Crystal clear 720p communication through verbal and non-verbal cues, screen sharing, real-time collaboration and the ability to participate from almost anywhere make video conferencing a more efficient use of one's time.
  • Increases productivity: Because video conferencing makes it easy to collaborate on documents in real time, you won't have to deal with long email chains, lost messages, and delays. By having the power to join a call and work together in real time, you can ensure that everyone has a voice, that all comments are embedded and questions are answered promptly. And you can quickly exchange ideas as a team and make sure everyone understands the project before you end the meeting.
  • Makes scheduling appointments easier: If your team members travel regularly, scheduling appointments can be a challenge. But with video conferencing, they can join from almost anywhere, including taxis, hotel rooms, airports, their home offices and more. And because they can do it using almost any device, it's easier to schedule face-to-face meetings and keep everyone informed.
  • Creates consistent, accurate records: When hosting a personal meeting or a voice-only call, taking notes usually falls to someone in your group. And given the fast pace of conversations and the human error factor, the details can easily slip away. With video conferencing technology you can record meetings and keep all the details intact. Not only that, but you can refer to them when questions arise and share the session with those who were unable to attend.
  • Enables live events: Whether you want to connect with your entire team, all your customers or the public, video conferencing can help. With the power to share your message visually, these applications enable you to host webinars, panel discussions, product presentations and more for your employees or your customers around the world.