Call Recording

Certify your communication / Protect your company.

Nowadays, recording a conversation is an essential tool for ensuring communication and the validity of what has been agreed. Call logging ensures that your company follows a specific policy in its communications, based on the standards you have set, whether employees in the office or in teleworking. Dedicate your attention and your company resources to your active participation in a video conference instead of keeping her minutes, keeping in mind that your conversation has been recorded.

Advantages and benefits of call recording

Companies use call logging for various business needs such as:
  1. Legal protection
  2. Verification of orders (e-shop)
  3. Dispute Resolution and Improving Customer Service (Call center)
  4. Training and Supervision of New Employees (KPIs)
  5. Adherence to company procedures
  6. Keeping a file of communications
  7. Avoid personal phone calls