Wireless Networks (WiFi)

Turn your WiFi wireless network into a tool and take advantage of wireless flexibility.

Connect anything from anywhere

WiFi wireless networks are an integral part of every business, as internet access is essential for both the business and its staff, as well as for the guests. Laptops, tablets and mobile phones can be easily connected to your network, offering you flexibility and adaptability. Many companies rely on the good signal of the WiFi wireless network for the satisfaction of their customers while others want it to reduce devices and cables or for mobile workstations and showrooms. Due to the widespread use of WiFi wireless networks, it is necessary to control and manage access to them. As a result, there is a need to separate the network into a separate wireless network for staff and a different wireless network exclusively for customers.

WiFi in business

  • Ease: You can connect any device or new users without expanding the wired network.
  • Flexibility: With the ability to move within the range of the wireless network, you can change or add jobs at any time
  • Productivity: With WiFi connectivity, employees can access company files and notifications wherever they are.
  • Installation: The wireless coverage of the company's network can be done discreetly, emphasizing both the quality and the appearance of your workplace.
  • Performance: With the use of the new WiFi 6 technology (wireless standard 802.11ax), we increase the channel width for the transmission of large volume of data also WiFi 6 exploits the bandwidth of our network more efficiently without it "hanging".
  • Cost: Based on the study, we implement the maximum possible coverage of the workplace using the minimum necessary resources based on the value for money.
  • Hotel units: rooms, common areas
  • Factories: bar code scanners, telephony
  • Openspace workspaces
  • Call center
  • Waiting areas: airports, showrooms, restaurants