Network Protection (Firewall)

Firewall protects your devices and increases the chances of a secure online experience, limiting those who can retrieve information from your network.

Protect your data

Internet attacks (cyber attacks) are increasing rapidly. An attacker can gain access to your files or your clients' personal data.

Equally important are internal attacks, making it necessary to separate the network by accessing your company's resources by department or user.

A new generation firewall protects your company's network from the above attacks and ensures the integrity of your data.


  • Deep Packet Inspection: A Firewall with Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) provides high-performance traffic scan for IPS, AV, Web Protection and App Control on a streaming engine.
  • Encrypted Traffic: TLS Inspection 1.3 with top performance, visibility, policy tools and built-in intelligence removes a huge blind spot in your protection.
  • Zero-Day & ML Protection: Firewall utilizes industry-leading machine learning technology to instantly detect the latest ransomware and unknown threats before they enter your network
  • Cloud Sandbox: Zero-day Dynamic File Analysis uses next-generation cloud-sandbox technology backed by deep learning and the best technology from Intercept X, to provide your organization with the best protection against zero day threats, such as the latest ransomware and targeted attacks coming through phishing, spam or web downloads.
  • Web Protection: The Web Protection engine incorporates the innovative technologies needed to detect and eliminate the latest cyber threats.
  • Synchronized Security: Security Heartbeat connects the managed endpoint to your firewall to share health and other valuable information, enabling an automated and coordinated response to isolate threats and prevent sideways movement.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: Firewall provides advanced threat protection to instantly detect bots and other advanced threats, while protecting your network from sophisticated attacks.
  • User Identity: Identity-based policies and unique user risk analysis give you the knowledge and power to control and educate your users before they become a serious threat to your network.
  • Application Control: Full visibility of applications and their control on your network with Deep-Packet scanning technology and Synchronized App Control. Identify all the applications that are currently on your network terminals.
  • Web Control: Full visibility and control of all your web traffic with flexible enforcement tools that work the way you need them, with options for enforcing activity by users and groups, limits, schedules and traffic configuration.
  • Content Control: Flexible user-based monitoring and control of keyword content and downloadable content, including file types via FTP, HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Business Applications: Protect your critical business applications from intrusions and attacks, while allowing authorized access with a new generation Firewall.
  • Email & Data: Protect your emails from spam, cyberbullying and data loss with the unique all-in-one protection that combines email encryption with DLP and anti-spam.
  • SitetoSite VPN: Firewall supports all standard VPN technologies, as well as its own layer 2 RED Tunnels
  • Remote Access VPN: It has its own VPN Client for remote access that facilitates staff support in teleworking.
  • Wireless Controller: Includes built-in wireless controllers that allow easy secure wireless deployment for APX wireless access points, all managed from a single console.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA): Provides a secure and easy way for users to connect securely to important applications and data.
  • Core Networking: Advanced corporate quality networking technology available for NAT, routing and bridging.
  • Segmentation: Flexible and powerful zoning and VLAN segmentation options provide ways to separate trust levels in your network, while also providing additional protection against lateral traffic between different parts of your network.
  • Central Management: Central management with reports and zero-touch deployment for everything from a single console.
  • Central Firewall Reporting: Central Firewall Reporting Advanced, provides flexible and powerful tools to create your own custom views of your network activities and threats.
  • Dashboard and alerts: The Firewall Control Center analyzes extensive back-end data sources to display only the information you need to respond quickly to changes in your network.