Local Networks (LAN)

Switches και routers για κάθε είδος δικτύου

Networking the resources of any space allows us to share files and devices directly from our own computer. We do not need to "ask" them to print us or "send" us a file. Networking a building requires study and proper organization to be compatible with your future business requirements and the reception of new applications. A good network with access and rights per user or department protects your business and increases the productivity of your employees. All this networking can be done with an on-premise or a cloud managed switch.


  • PoE Power your devices directly from the switch so you do not need power supplies, power strips or extra power supplies
  • VLAN Create different networks for greater security and proper allocation of your resources
  • Stacking Manage all the switches of your business by configuring only one of them
  • Security Choose who has access and where
  • Speeds up to 10g Optical switch speeds reach up to 10g
  • Bonding Combine multiple switch ports to transfer information that consumes large resources on your network
  • Redundancy You can now always be online even if part of your network is having trouble