Internet (WAN)

Provide symmetrical high speed Internet access directly, with quality and securely over wireless Internet.

Why Wireless Internet?

Wireless internet technology has several advantages. It can be installed directly compared to fiber optics which can take weeks or even months to install, has lower installation costs and lower monthly fees and is accessible to places that an optical network cannot reach.

But even if you have chosen to use fiber optics, the wireless connection can be a backup route so that in case of fiber optic failure you do not have service loss.

You can also install the service without a loop as it is provided wirelessly.


  • Internet on Demand: Internet access services for a certain period of time (without a commitment to stay in the service). The service is designed for conferences, exhibitions and other events where the need for high speed access is necessary and immediate.
  • Connectivity: Multi-point interconnection via MPLS or VPLS technology. By using the above technologies, quality per service (QoS) is ensured.
  • Multi-Link Internet Feed: It is possible to connect multiple wireless connections per point either to increase bandwidth or as backup internet for zero service loss.
  • Cloud Telephony: Use the wireless infrastructure for better voice quality.
  • Guaranteed serviceTake advantage of symmetrical wireless connectivity by providing response time and availability as opposed to aDSL access and copper-based services which are unsecured services and high availability.
  • Encryption: There is data encryption which is implemented in the client's equipment and is transferred encrypted to its point of exit from our wireless network. Therefore, there is no question of the security of your data within our wireless network.