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With Pscom, upgrade your business through integrated communication systems and advanced networking. Secure the company’s and your client’s Data. Invest in programs that will expedite your daily tasks and boost your productivity.

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At Pscom you will find partners with 48 years of experience in telecommunications and networks that will offer you personalized solutions to your business’s needs.

Our staff are constantly trained in the rapidly evolving technologies of the market to always provide you with the support you need.

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PBX, Call centers, VoIP lines, video conferencing and call recording devices will offer a competitive edge to your business by reducing the number of standalone tools, platforms and solutions needed to communicate with your audience while increasing your productivity.

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We analyze, design, and implement our customers network infrastructure based on their needs. Work from home, remote point to point and point to multipoint connections, WiFi wireless networks, wireless Internet and shared resources with stability and security.

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Your business, as well as your home, your car or your belongings need security! Firewall and Antiviruses will protect your network and end point devices and SBC will secure your telephony, preventing and eliminating cyber threats such as file loss, eavesdropping on conversations or file theft, leaking personal data or confidential emails. These are some of the reasons you should invest in security.

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Cloud technology


Through the cloud you can access your data or applications whenever and wherever you want. The Cloud not only handles your data storage, but also protects it and recovers it, that way you do not have to worry about errors or data loss. The cloud also allows you to have Servers, Datacenters and storage space on the internet and not in your company decreasing your management costs.

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Increase your company's productivity with a cloud or an on premise PBX

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Digitally sign your documents with DocuSign on many different devices at any time.

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