Call Recording

Provide knowledge to your staff to become more efficient

Call recording has long been an essential tool in the contact-center industry, and it’s now being used in many other business environments.

Variaty of usage in business and industries

Companies are using call recording for a variety of business needs, including legal protection, order verification, dispute resolution, and customer-service enhancement. Firms can also use call recording to train and supervise new employees and generate sales leads.

Call recording is a tool that can benefit every department.

Each department may have a different perspective or way they contribute towards the customer experience and how they measure progress, but the goal for each department should be the same: to adhere to business values and overall objectives. For example, what a customer service manager is looking to occur over the phone is very different than what a CEO or sales manager may want to focus on. Each perspective, skill, and role they play builds and improves the “customer experience”. But, they are all working towards the same end goal. The key is understanding the tools available to them so that they can leverage ALL of the intelligence within their call recordings efficiently.

Call Recording is all about recording telephone calls. Voice Recording is a more generic term that includes Telephony Recording (Call Recording) but also recording of mobile radio, air-traffic control conversations and acoustic audio recording using microphones.To non-intrusively tap and record analog telephony lines, TDM trunks like Basic Rate ISDN, Primary Rate ISDN, E1, T1 and SIP VoIP, we offer a full range of hardware interfaces.

Recording certain phone calls is useful in many situations: To provide definite proof for agreements, for the purpose of improving the service and documentation, for the optimization of processes. Our OfficeMaster CallRecording portfolio offers professional and reliable solutions for call recording. The different hardware and software components allow you to record calls – simple, legally watertight and utilizing your existing communication solution.

MiaRec is a call recording and quality management solution for unified communications. It supports on-premise deployment as well as hosted deployment in multi-tenant environment. Companies worldwide rely on MiaRec to optimize business processes, resolve customer disputes, comply with regulatory requirements, and increase productivity. MiaRec is ideal for managing contact-center environments and recording general business conversations for compliance, legal protection, and quality management.

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