Pscom is a dynamic Greek company active in the field of telecommunications and Network. Founded by Nikolaos & Emmanouil Perrakis, it has gradually gained a significant presence nationwide with its executives having a constant presence in the telecommunications sector since 1973. As technology evolves we introduce new technologies, applications, systems and equipment. give your work the tools for growth and development.


Creating and promoting high-standard solutions using modern technologies

Expanding our presence in new markets inside and outside Greece

Establishment in the field of telecommunications systems in the domestic market, focusing on the modern business with a sense of responsibility.

After Sales Support and customer training.

Constant search for new ideas, efficient ways of working and continuous staff training.


Continuous improvement of service quality and development of our products

Enrichment and creation of new infrastructure

Search for new partnerships

Making the most of our human resources

Comparative advantage

The human factor is the key to business success. The highly qualified and experienced staff of the company is the key ingredient in achieving demanding goals and better responding to customer needs.

The ability to provide real-time updates with instant and secure access to installed client systems.

Full understanding of the challenges of the business environment and market needs.

The competent and efficient management structure that is flexible, with a modern understanding of things.

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