Pylon ERP

PYLON ERP is a function management software (Business Management Program) that allows a company through the automation of processes, services and resources to achieve optimal results and sound management decisions.

The innovation of PYLON ERP is reflected in its technological “intelligence” to provide complete solutions, which effectively meet the needs of a modern business.

EPSILON DIGITAL – Certified Electronic Invoicing Provider
Possibility of connection with the Service of Certified Provider of Electronic Invoicing, EPSILON DIGITAL, for electronic sending, authentication, acceptance and archiving of invoices / documents with automated procedures.
Perfectly harmonized with the new electronic platform myDATA (Digital Accounting and Tax Application) with which A.A.D.E. Introduces E-Books to Businesses.
The ideal tool for wholesale customers that replaces traditional ordering methods. The technological superiority of PYLON, based on HYBRID technologies, gives immediacy to wholesale sales through an e-shop, reducing the time and cost of order management, while at the same time increasing the level of customer service.
Complete monitoring of physical warehouses by performing a Physical Inventory of multiple scenarios, recording locations of storage and movement of items by automatically creating documents, control and management of Receipts – Shipping (picking / packing) by recording and monitoring any differences. Additional possibility of ERP communication with mobile devices in online & offline mode.
The technologically upgraded POWER ANALYTICS visualize the performance of the company and export reports presenting with graphs the new trends that are created. The benefit lies in the ability to take immediate corrective action and review business goals
A complete CRM information system speeds up a company’s processes and monitors their progress. Contributes to the perfect exchange of information between company departments while improving service and business relationships with customers
Ability to register customer orders, receipts, and CRM actions on a tablet without the need for continuous communication of the tablet with the application server of Pylon.
Online information of the company’s finances with the aim of improving the quality of services and making the right decisions regarding future processes and transactions.
Connect to the internet and monitor the business from any device, at any time. Flexible monitoring of all processes with the operation of the application in a Cloud environment.
E-Banking Online Services
With the Management of Bank Accounts e-banking, PYLON ERP offers the direct and two-way information between the ERP and the Bank Accounts of the company, providing security in the transactions, immediate information, but also speed in the daily operation by avoiding the double entries required until today.
The Pylon ERP / CRM program is applicable in sectors such as Commercial Enterprises, Service Providers, Retail, e-shops, Industries – Crafts, Hotels and Restaurants. It fully covers the needs of a small and medium business from 2 users to a large business of 200 people or hotels from 10 or more than 100 beds. PYLON ERP integrates in a single database all the functions of a business such as: Warehouse markets Production CRM Sales Financial & Accounting Supply Chain Management Service


Warehouse – Items Management

  • Detailed table of movements of the items on the basis of which the cost price of each item has been formed
  • Shipments – Picking-packing
  • Monitoring of items in alternative units of measurement of purchases-sales
  • Multiple characteristics per species family for quick collection – finding. Categorization of species in either simple or arboreal form

Purchases – Sales

  • Issuance of electronic invoice and myData update
  • Management of sales offers with calendar effect for specific items or price list items
  • Transformation of documents between sales market circuits.
  • Ability to choose complex commercial policies to manage purchases / sales

Financial Management

  • Ability to support multiple collection-payment scenarios
  • Monitoring of securities in portfolio and in the bank
  • Company Cash Flow monitoring
  • Possibility of interconnection of automatic payments with banks

Customer / Supplier Management

  • History of transactions per Customer / supplier
  • Customer / Supplier Balances
  • Credit control of various Customer / Supplier scenarios
  • Alert per Customer / Supplier

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Monitoring of potential customers
  • Mass information campaigns via E-mail and SMS
  • Dynamic lists for automatic notification of late payments as well as for sending sms on holidays, birthdays
  • Automated multiple executions
  • Monitoring contacts within customers / suppliers
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