The freedom to be in two places at once. Provide anywhere, anytime access to all your devices, files, applications and information with the #1 most reliable remote-access tool on the market.

What is LogMeIn Pro?

LogMeIn Pro is a remote access service that provides secure access to a remote computer or other internet-enabled device from any other internet-connected computer, as well as most smartphones and tablets. Once a LogMeIn Pro host is installed on a device, the service is designed to enable a user to quickly and easily access that device’s desktop, files, applications and network resources remotely from the user’s other internet-enabled devices. LogMeIn Pro can be rapidly deployed and installed without the need for IT expertise.
LogMeIn-Pro secure

How secure is LogMeIn Pro?

All LogMeIn products employ active defense security protocols that provide you with the highest available security in a remote access solution. Built with the highest standards of security and performance, including 256-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end authentication. We take security and protection of your important files, data, and personal information very seriously. Get an in-depth look at the LogMeIn Pro Security Features.

Key benefits

  • Access to Your Files Simplify access to your work and store, share, and collaborate across all of your devices.
  • Access to Your Applications Easy access to your most commonly visited websites, cloud and desktop applications.
  • Access On The Go Fast, easy remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop, or device.
  • File Transfer Drag-and-drop files from your work and home computers seamlessly without file-size restrictions.
  • Remote Printing Quickly print your documents from a remote computer to your nearest local printer.
  • Unlimited Remote Access Easily remote into your work computer from home or on the go without slowdown or delay.
  • Multi-Monitor Display View all of your work monitors simultaneously, as if you were sitting at your desk.
  • Remote Control Control one computer from another computer just like you were sitting in front of it.
  • Screen Sharing Share your screen with anyone to openly collaborate together or provide remote support.
  • 1TB File Storage Easily store all of your files, access them from anywhere, and quickly share with anyone.
  • Password Management Complimentary LastPass Premium license to save your usernames, passwords, and payments details in a secure online vault.
  • Unlimited Users Extend your computer and file access to anyone for instant sharing and collaboration.

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