Remotely automate routine IT tasks with Central by LogMeIn, the most powerful tool for accessing and managing remote computers anywhere in the world.

What is LogMeIn Central?

LogMeIn Central is a web-based management console that helps IT professionals access, manage and monitor remote computers, deploy software updates and security patches, automate IT tasks and run hundreds of versions of antivirus software. LogMeIn Central is offered as a premium service with multiple pricing tiers based on the number of computers supported and features desired.
Why Choose LogMeIn Central?
  • Complete Security for your Endpoint Infrastructure Gain complete visibility and peace of mind while mitigating the risk of cyber threats with robust Security, Automation, and Monitoring functionality.
  • Time and Cost Savings Manage and troubleshoot computers remotely to eliminate desk / onsite visits, manual installs, and waiting for computers to be unmanned.
  • Increased Productivity Take back your time by automating routine IT tasks to simplify every facet of your business.
  • Best-in-Class Unattended Remote Access Remotely manage all of your computers securely and troubleshoot issues without interrupting end users from one location – yours.
  • Simple to Use Our intuitive interface ensures your team is up-and-running quickly so time to value is immediate.

Key benefits

  • Remote Control Fast, easy support to any PC or Mac from anywhere.
  • User Management Arrange your users into groups, control permissions, enable two-factor authentication, and extend computer access.
  • Computer Grouping Organize computers according to location, function, access permissions, or any criteria you specify.
  • Patch Manager Automatically update your systems at the same time simultaneously, and schedule updates for anytime.
  • Antivirus Management Protect and secure your Central computers with market-leading LogMeIn Antivirus powered by Bitdefender.
  • Remote Deployment Deploy LogMeIn hosts and setup installation packages on every machine in your IT environment.
  • Computer Health Monitoring A complete view of the health of each LogMeIn host to detect critical issues and important updates.

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