Deliver remote and blended learning with ONE solution.

Robust training to virtually engage your learners.

Whether you’re new to training or a veteran, GoToTraining is the right tool for virtual or blended learning. Keep your attendees involved with in-session collaboration, breakout sessions for small groups, detailed analytics and more.

Understand your audience.

Custom Registration
  • Capture key information, add expanded fields and learn about your customers with tailored questions.
RevStream Payment Processing
  • Charge for your courses and manage your registrants’ payments and refunds through PayPal integration.
Content Sharing
  • Set your students up for success in class with videos, Powerpoint presentations and course catalogs.
Test and Polls
  • Use tests to evaluate knowledge retention during the session and get immediate feedback with polls.
Student Engagement
  • Boost knowledge retention with in-session Activities. Encourage small-group interaction with Breakouts.
Whiteboard Sharing
  • Broadcast an image of your whiteboard to attendees and share your updates in real time. It’s like your attendees are standing right there!

See what your students have learned.

  • Get detailed reports on session attendance, test results and evaluations.
Certificates of Completion
  • Send emails after your class and reward your attendees when they finish.
  • Record your training and upload to the cloud for viewing on any device.

Concentrate on your training. Leave the tech to us.

Record Your Training
  • See how your students learn.
Streamline Registration and Scheduling
  • Get started faster and on time with easy registration and custom scheduling.
Collaborate and Share Effortlessly
  • Our in-session Activities feature allows everyone to view videos and work together on documents.
Distribute Course Materials
  • Share handouts, notes and more, simply and efficiently.
Encourage Small-Group Interaction
  • Breakout empowers learners to collaborate with and learn from one another.
See Your Results
  • Find out how your sessions perform with detailed attendance reports, test results and evaluations.

Hold online meetings with up to 250 participants. With GoToMeeting, share screens and collaborate with HD video conferencing.


Marketing pros turn to GoToWebinar to create captivating online events that build brand awareness and help organizations spread their message.

Simple, intuitive and fast conference room hardware meets user-friendly video conferencing  software.

Enable robust online training in virtual or hybrid situations. GoToTraining gives you in-session collaboration, breakout sessions and detailed analytics to keep attendees involved.

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RescueAssist helps service and support professionals resolve technical issues by delivering instant web-based support to customer, end users, unattended computers and servers.

Remotely guide end users through troubleshooting, problem resolution, product setup and more with Rescue Lens. See the power of live interactive video.

A conversational chatbot and virtual customer assistant solution, Bold360 ai customer engagement software transforms the way an organization engages with its customers by making every interaction intelligent.

Identify problems. Find solutions. GoToAssist Seeit allows employees and customers to do it all from their smartphone cameras.


Stop wasting time writing down, remembering and resetting passwords. With LastPass as a password manager,  one master password rules them all and keeps the rest locked up in a secure vault.

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