Take the complications out of conference rooms with the new GoToRoom.

Hit the gas on collaboration with GoToRoom

Small group sessions are how work gets done, both in person and virtually. It’s just the way the modern workforce collaborates. That means you need the right technology in the right meeting space to connect your teams, accelerate productivity and achieve results.

Unleashing Productivity with GoToRoom

GoToRoom with Dolby Voice is a best-in-breed hardware and software bundle that ensures your meetings start smooth and finish strong. Get together quickly, share content instantly and bridge distance across the globe effortlessly – all with GoToRoom and Dolby Voice.

Top-of-the-line technology.

GoToRoom is an all-new out-of-the-box conference room solution that makes it easy to modernize the office with the latest video collaboration technology. It offers a one-stop-shop by bundling state-of-the-art hardware with professional, user-friendly video conferencing software. Gone are the days of cobbling together make-shift meeting spaces. GoToRoom has everything you need in one simple kit.

Explore benefits

GoToRoom FOR YOUR ADMIN Simple and fast deployment.
  • 15-minute turnkey installation
  • Simplified provisioning
  • Rapid and predictable logistics
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Cost-effective bundling
GoToRoom FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION Easy and reliable controls.
  • Crystal-clear audio and video
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Streamlined join experience
  • Calendar integration

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Simple, intuitive and fast conference room hardware meets user-friendly video conferencing  software.

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